My name is Silvia and I am a graphic designer

currently based in Genova, Italy.

I work everyday to create value for my client’s business and

communicate their image through design.

I specialize in brand identity, with a passion for launching,

rejuvenating and propelling brands.


Brand Identity & Experience

 UI, UX, Digital Design

Package Design

Print & Corporate Publishing


I love clean and simple Scandinavian design and

I also love western design; typically colorful and visually

rich. What I love most is combining styles and discovering

new trends. It is exciting to find the right mixture of

elements to create completely new visual experiences.

The purpose of my projects is to create the best

experience around a product or service.


Favorite music?

All my new projects have a soundtrack.

Music accompanies and inspires all of my creations,

giving the right rhythm to my days.